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Friday, September 16, 2011

Omaha's Henry Doorly Zoo

Omaha's Henry Doorly Zoo was the next place we stopped. It was really just lots and lots of fun. (you can click on the name above to check out their website)
First let me tell you why we decided to stop here. About a month before we were planning this trip, Vance was watching the show on TV called Only in America with Larry the Cable Guy and on the episode that I actually paid any attention to, Larry was at the Henry Doorly Zoo in Omaha and it looked sooo cool. So a month later when we were planning our stops, I thought about that show and wondered how well Omaha would work. We had to drive a really long day (which thanks to major traffic if Chicago ended up being 2-3 hours longer) but it worked out to stop there. I'm so glad we did! And I'm so glad I saw that show with Larry the Cable Guy (I never thought I'd say that statement!). This was a really fun zoo, not too big, but not small either. There are lots of animals outside, but a lot is inside (with air conditioning!!!) Most of their displays/animals are set up in a way that makes you feel like you're actually in that environment. Just really cool.

Here's just a few of the highlights that this zoo can boast about:

The Desert Dome, the world's largest indoor desert, which is under the world's largest geodesic dome. This place was even bigger than it looks.
America's largest indoor rainforest, the Lied Jungle
Simmons Aviary, the world's second largest free-flight aviary

Kingdom's of the Night, the world's largest nocturnal exhibit

Scott's Aquarium, the largest aquarium in a zoo, with a 70 foot shark tunnel

The kids, mostly Myshel, took hundreds of pictures. I've tried to narrow it down to a few of my favorites.
The meerkats were super cute.McKaylie and Noah (2 of my favorite animals) The koi pond was pretty amazing. I couldn't believe how many fish were there and how big they were! There was food there to feed them, which created a fish frenzy. The kids loved that. The fish would literally jump over each other to get to the food. The aviary was neat. Lots of birds I had never seen before and a few I had. There was also several animals in there to create a natural habitat for them. That was fun to see. They must not feel "caged" at all.

The sea lions were fun to watch. They were swimming the whole time we sat and watched them and didn't come out of the water until after we left. We sent Myshel back to take this picture.
I always think the gorillas are cool. They were all sleeping, which was rather funny to see.The polar bear was swimming most of the time we saw him, but came for a brief photo op
The cats were McKaylie's favorite! She took lots and lots of pictures of them. She got some really good ones. This one was probably my favorite picture of the zoo. That big 'ol lion was just all worn out! Here's those two cuties again.......they must be following me! The other too (old) ones weren't nearly as willing to get their picture taken. This was during our lunch break.
Here's the very top the the Lied Jungle. It was really cool to look down through the rainforest and see animals and waterfalls. My 5 favorite people! Myshel's favorite place was the butterfly pavilion. I really enjoyed this one, too. I mean how cool is it to see butterflies everywhere you look and have them flying around you. So many different types and colors. These were pretty amazing, too!The penguins were Myshel's other favorite exhibit. I love penguins too. They really are just so cute! This was my favorite penguin spot, though. It just seemed, I don't know, interesting, that these penguins and the giraffes were together. It made for a fun picture, anyway.Here's the kids in the desert dome when we first got there. Like I said, this was a fun place to stop and take a break. I'd love to go back sometime. It was well worth it


madsonblueeyes said...

Love the pictures!

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What a fun zoo

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