"So Frequently we mistakenly believe that our children need more things, when in reality their silent pleadings are simply for more of our time."
***President Thomas S. Monson (Ensign May 1994)

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Littleton, Colorado

Our next stop was at my brother, Todd's, house. They live in Littleton, Colorado, right at the base of the mountains. He has some amazing views from his house, including downtown Denver! They're pretty fantastic--the pictures just don't do them justice. We didn't get to stay nearly as long as we'd have liked to. But, we did have a really nice day with them. It was nice to just have a day to relax and visit.

We ate dinner at the park. The kids had a great time playing together.
Ashlyn, Noah, Kaitlyn Vance and Myshel waiting for dinner Ashlyn--what a cutie! Vance and Chad Nathan Amy and the kids I love this picture of the cousins
Vance (back "above" everyone)
McKaylie, Nathan, Noah and Myshel
Ashlyn, Logan and Kaitlyn We even had a deer come right by our table. We thought that was pretty awesome. The kids playing on the Wii one last time before we left. We had a great time at their house. If only we had more time.

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gramjo said...

love these pictures

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