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***President Thomas S. Monson (Ensign May 1994)

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

My Matryoshka Dolls

My sister has sent me several matryoshka (or babushka) dolls from the different countries she's lived in. Matryoshka dolls nest inside each other and are almost always handpainted. I just love them so much. So, I've decided to start collecting them. I told her I'd take some pictures of them and decided to share them here.
These are the first three she sent me from Moldova. Noah loved playing with them, even though I asked him not to. He would tell me that they wanted to come out and play. That's also why this one is missing half a doll. The next two she gave me for Christmas. How perfect that one was santa. Instead of nesting dolls, it had ornaments in it. I loved them just as much. These are probably my favorite so far. the detail on them is amazing. Thank you, Debbie for sharing these with me!


madsonblueeyes said...

Umm, did you ask for red or did I just manage to get a lot of red ones!

Maine Mom said...

What a neat collection. I have one set of dolls, which I don't let the kids play with anymore. One of the dolls has a piece missing from it. :-(

gramjo said...

love them; the one I have is like the 2nd picture of yours.

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