"So Frequently we mistakenly believe that our children need more things, when in reality their silent pleadings are simply for more of our time."
***President Thomas S. Monson (Ensign May 1994)

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Makes Me Proud.....

Sometimes my kids make me nuts and I wonder if they'll ever learn to get along and be kind to each other. But, Sometimes they just fill me with pride. They really do. Sunday was one of those days....

Vance is in 8th grade this year, his last year of middle school, which means he starts high school next year. He's terrified of it. He has himself completely convince that high school will be some horribly experience and all the kids will be mean. I've tried reasoning with him, but I haven't had much luck. I've even talked with Myshel and about being extra nice to him about it.

The middle school has a program every spring where they send the 8th graders over to the high school and each student "shadows" a high school freshman for the morning. Vance's shadow day was Monday and again, he was terrified. He knew that the guy he was shadowing would just leave him somewhere and then he'd be lost.

Sunday during church I noticed that he was passing notes back and forth with Myshel. So, I started reading the notes while he was writing back to her. Myshel was asking him about his shadow day and whether he was excited. Vance told her "no" of course. The notebook went back and forth between them. Myshel was constantly reassuring him about everything he was worried about. She even told him she'd eat lunch for him if they ended up having the same lunch hour and that she'd be looking for him in the halls. I had to laugh when she told him that if the guy he was shadowing was mean that her and her best friend and boyfriend would beat him up for Vance. She was just so sweet to him. I had to fight back tears. I was so proud of her that she wanted to help him and stick up for him. I could tell she was being sincere, too.

Monday Vance stayed after school with a friend, so I asked Myshel how it had gone. She told me that when they got to school that she gave him a tour, introduced him to several teachers and his counselor and then stayed with him until he was assigned his shadow. And then, she just looked so sad. She said that she didn't see him again for the rest of the morning. She said she watched and looked for him, but didn't see him anywhere and they didn't end up having the same lunch. She told me, "mom, I've just been so worried about him all day. I just didn't want him to be scared anymore." I was so impressed with her love for her brother. I gave her a big hug and tried to reassured her that he was fine. I also told her how proud I was of her and how I knew that Vance appreciated her love and support, even though he might not ever say so.

Myshel impresses me so much at times. I watch her and see a very beautiful person emerging. She worried me at times, but when I see this side of her, I know that she'll be fine in the end.

Vance's morning did go fine and I think it helped ease his fears about high school. The boy he shadowed did leave him to each lunch alone, but Vance seemed to be fine with that and found other friends to eat with. I'm proud of both of them.


madsonblueeyes said...

Made me teary eyed too.

Marie said...

Awww that is so sweet. I am glad that they have each other to count on!

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