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***President Thomas S. Monson (Ensign May 1994)

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Back to Winter Harbor

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Last Saturday we decided to take a trip back to Winter Harbor and see where we used to live and how much it has changed. It actually hasn't changed that much. It was fun to take the kids to Frazer Point and have them search the tidepools for crabs. That was one of my favorite places to go and we have lots of pictures of Myshel and Vance when they were younger tidepooling. Now, we have pictures of all of them out there. The kids loved it, I mean, LOVED it! We went to where the base used to be. It belongs to the national park service now, I think. We didn't make it to Mount Desert Island (Bar Harbor/Acadia National Park) we'll get that next time we go. We also went through Ellsworth, (saw the church finished, wow it looks great!) and up to Bangor and back down to Litchfield.

It was good for Chad and I to go up there and see everything again. It was lots of fun for us, but it also helped to put things back into perspective. We remembered all the great things about the area that we loved, but somehow forgot all the negative stuff. (which I think is pretty natural) Going back up there we remembered that it wasn't always a bed of roses and that even though Litchfield is out in the middle of nowhere, it's not nearly as bad as Winter Harbor was. Winter Harbor has it's own little town, but it is very isolated form everything else. When we lived up there we had someone tell us that we might complain about being up there, but that there would always be a little bit of Winter Harbor in our hearts, no matter where we ended up. I think that is very true. We still love that area, but it's not where we'd choose to stay..........maybe a summer home!


Dawn said...

beautiful photos. I love the coast of Maine!

Maine Mom said...

Looks and sounds like a fun trip back to Winter Harbor. :-)

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