"So Frequently we mistakenly believe that our children need more things, when in reality their silent pleadings are simply for more of our time."
***President Thomas S. Monson (Ensign May 1994)

Wednesday, October 4, 2006

Noah Update

I'd say that 90% of the appointments I've been going to have been for Noah. First we had an appointment with the Pediatrician to get some referrals. Noah snores, a lot. He has ever since he was born. Sometimes it gets so bad that he scares me. So, the first referral: an ENT, Ear Nose and Throat specialist. Noah also has a problem with his thumbs. He can't straighten out his last little joint on either thumb. Second referral: an orthopedic specialist.
We felt like we were very lucky. When we moved here they didn't have military doctors available (they already had too many patients) so they allowed us to pick civilian doctors and still be covered 100%. The drawback to that is when you recieve referrals you still might have to go through the naval hospital. I didn't want to do that. However, our wonderful pediatrian emphasised on the referral that Noah needed a pediatric ENT and a pediatric Orthopedist, which they don't have at the naval hospital. Although there was some minor bumps, we got approval to the specialists we wanted! YEAH! That's such a great blessing!
Before we could go to the specialists appointments, though, Noah had to have xrays done. We've actually tried getting these done before, but Noah was having none of it. I mean it was so bad that short of sedating him, they weren't going to happen. I tried some bribery and took him to the Children's hospital this time. I had very little hope. He surprised me, though. He walked in did exactly what they told him to and had 5 xrays taken like a little pro.
We went to the ENT first. Diagnosis: massive tonsils. We were asked to make a sleep tape. We had to record Noah sleeping/snoring and then send it to the doctor so that they could decided how bad it is. (This why is a few posts back I said I was listening to Noah snore) Treatment: still pending....................eventually he'll probably have to have his tonsils and adenoids removed.
We also asked the ENT if his tonsils were affecting his speech, because Noah doesn't speak as clearly as we feel he should for an almost 4 year old. His pediatrian has told us that it's probably not that unusual considering he's the youngest of 4 kids and a boy, but I've still felt that there could be more to it. The ENT told us that it's not from his tonsils and referred him to their speech clinic to get a speech evaluation. That way, we'll know what the problem could be. (In case you've lost count, that's 3 referrals, 5 xrays and 2 doctor's appointments so far)
The Orthopedic appointment was next. Diagnosis: I don't think I could even repeat what the technical name for it was, but he also called them trigger thumbs. Basically, the tendon in your thumb goes through three little "tunnels". Noah's tendon, for whatever reason, isn't able to go through the first "tunnel" very well and it's building up scar tissue and making it even more difficult. In short, his tendon can't work properly so he can't straighten his thumbs. Treatment: minor surgery to open up the "tunnel". (3 referrals, 3 doctor's appointments, 5 xrays, 1 evaluation scheduled, 1 surgery scheduled, and 1 surgery pending)
Noah also had his first check up at the dentist. I was very apprehensive about it. Noah is not exactly known for his cooperativeness. But as so many times before, he surprised me. He let them take 4 xrays of his teeth, clean them, do a fluroride treatment and let the doctor check out his teeth. Amazing, not even a small objection to any of it. Diagnosis/Treatment: one small cavity due to soft enamel, we have to go back and get it fixed. No shots though, quick and painless if Noah lets it happen.............which unbelievable he did. He sat there and let them fix his tooth and I think he hardly moved at all the whole time. He was great!
The speech evaluation is tomorrow and we still haven't heard back from the ENT about the sleep tape and his tonsils. I think that's everything. So I think the count it at 3 referrals, 3 doctor's appointments, 2 dentist appointments, 1 evaluation scheduled, 5 xrays, 1 surgery scheduled and 1 surgery pending and that's just for 1 of my 4 children. And I'm wondering why my house isn't clean?!?!?!?!


marie said...

Holy Cow! Poor kid. He has been through a lot lately! I hope he gets everything taken care of soon!:)

madsonblueeyes said...

Oh, who needs a clean house anyway!!

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