"So Frequently we mistakenly believe that our children need more things, when in reality their silent pleadings are simply for more of our time."
***President Thomas S. Monson (Ensign May 1994)

Friday, September 19, 2008

I Hate Mornings......

I bet I've mentioned that at least once before, because I really really do! I need to figure out how to skip mornings all together and jump right to the afternoon! I told you about the key fiasco just the other day, well I had another wonderful morning today......

I told the kids yesterday that it was going to get cold overnight (upper 30's) and that meant that it would be cold when they got on the bus. Which means that shorts would not be a good idea. I forewarned them! When I went to pick up Myshel at seminary it was 38 degrees. I came inside and told everyone it was cold, they need to wear long pants. Everyone put on long pants....except Noah! I knew this was going to happen. He always wants to wear shorts and clothes are always an issue with him. (Thanks, Chad, for passing that on to him......we know it's you, we've heard the Young World story!!!!) For a passing moment, I had the thought, "just let him wear his shorts and see how cold it is, then he'll want to wear long pants". Why, oh why didn't I listen to that little thought!!!!!! As soon as I told him to change into pants, I knew I was going to regret it. I didn't argue with him, but we had a long "discussion" about it. After which, I relented (a bad mom moment-I know) and he wore his shorts. They were longer shorts that he doesn't like, but still shorts. He calmed down and we headed out for the bus. I was hoping that things would still turn out ok.......I was wrong!

When the bus pulled up, McKaylie turned to me and said, "I don't want to ride the bus today. I want you to take me." I don't even know why she tried that, because I don't do that. So, McKaylie got on the bus.......but Noah didn't. He wasn't having any of it! I could have physically forced him on, screaming and crying, but I didn't. (apparently that's another bad mom moment which I'll explain later) We went home and I tried to calm him down, but that didn't work very well. I tried to take him to school, but forcing him into the van kicking and screaming wasn't ok with me. I had a meeting to go to at 10:10AM at the school. I figured that would give Noah a chance to calm down on his own and I'd just take him with me, when I went to the meeting.

He calmed down, but mumbled everywhere he went that he wasn't going to class, he was going to stay in the meeting with me. Talking with him wasn't helping, so we just loaded up and headed for school. I signed in, told them what I was there for and told them that Noah needed to go to class and was having a bad morning. One of the counselors happen to be right there and she walked us to my meeting and then took Noah. His classroom was right by the meeting room. So, I got to listen to Noah cry and cry and cry and listen to the counselor try and reason with him and listen to the counselor call on her little walkie-talkie for extra help. Then he cried and cried some more. After what seemed like an eternity, he did finally stop crying. His class and teachers were walking to music, so they helped him get in line, all while his new speech teacher and I sat in the room, listening and feeling terrible for him.

After they got him off to music, the counselor that helped him came in and talked to me. She was very nice and asked about his morning. I told her how it had gone. She very polite, told me I did some things right and told me that next time, I need to make him go on the bus, even if he's screaming and crying because then he knows that's just the way it has to be, basically. She also gave several suggestions on how to handle the "pants issue", all of which I've tried. She told me that she knew it was hard for me to listen to him like that, but that he'll really be ok. Well, I knew that he'd be ok. I knew it was going to come to that and I knew it was for the best, but part of me was saying, "whatever lady", and part of me just wanted to cry.

I then went to my meeting.....because I just hadn't been through enough yet. The meeting actually went really well. They're going to be working on speech with Noah 5 days a week, that's right, 5 days!!! That's amazing, honestly, that they would give him that much time. We felt that we'd be doing great if we could get 3 times a week. (I LOVE this school. They're soo awesome!) I was able to visit with both his teachers about him and his new speech teacher. They all seem to just love him, but then who wouldn't right?!?

After the meeting, I visited with his speech therapist some more and then drove home. Then, I sat and cried. I felt guilty. I felt bad for Noah and prayed he'd still have a good day. I was exhausted and emotionally spent. I regretted saying anything about his shorts and getting him started off bad. And I worried that come Monday, I'd have to force him on the bus. He's been doing so great, to possibly have it all ruined by one morning!

I hate mornings. I really do. I need to find a way to avoid them altogether.

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Marie said...

I feel for you. It is so hard to watch your children struggle. Over big and little things. Just know that I am right there with you. And like a wise person once told me," the Lord has given his special children to special parents"! love you!

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