"So Frequently we mistakenly believe that our children need more things, when in reality their silent pleadings are simply for more of our time."
***President Thomas S. Monson (Ensign May 1994)

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

When Stress Comes, It Comes In Truckloads!

First of all, this is my 600th post!! Is that wild or what! I'm actually thinking that's pretty cool!

Second, this has been and still is a very stressful week for me.

Chad's surgery is on Friday. Sometimes I think the anticipation of an "event" is actually worse than the actual "event" and this is one of those times. Chad and I both are getting anxious about his surgery and will probably feel better once it's over. Well, at least I'll feel better, Chad will probably be feeling a whole lot of pain! And, if you really think about it, I bet for the first day or two, he's not going to be feeling much of anything.....I'm sure he'll be very grateful for pain meds, though!

I've also been trying to deal with the school and the superintendent of special services to find out what's going on with Noah's speech therapy that he should be receiving through the school. We were told that he had to have an updated evaluation, which we got and faxed to him, 3 weeks ago. I've left several messages, but never got a return call. Finally this morning I actually got him on the phone. He assured me that Noah would receive services, but that we'd have to have another IEP meeting to finalize everything. (I knew they that's what they would do!) He said it would be in the first 2 weeks of school. I don't believe that, though. I think it will be sometime in the first month, if we're lucky. So basically, we're really no better off than we were before. Except maybe, that I've conceded to the fact that this is a battle I just can't win.

Which leads us to the 3rd stresser......I/we decided to try and switch McKaylie and Noah to the "other" elementary school that is here in Topsham. Technically, the navy housing we live in is in the "other" school's boundaries anyway, but the school district decided that they'd divide the "navy kids" up between the schools to keep the numbers more even. We tried to get McKaylie in the "other" school last year, but they wouldn't budge. This year with Noah and the trouble we've had with the principal and the speech therapist at their current school, I've been more adament about getting them switched. Plus, I also know that their current school has a huge number of kindergarteners starting this year and the "other" school doesn't. Finally the school district's superintendant agreed to put in our request, and now it goes to the school's I guess. We're suppose to hear back in a couple of days. Meanwhile, we don't know for sure where they'll be going to school, who their teachers will be and where to send the info about Noah's speech. It's frustrating. I think the "other" school will be much much better for Noah, but McKaylie loves her school now and has lots of friends there. She will be very disappointed if we switch her. It's hard when you try and to the best thing for one child and know that by doing that, it will disappoint another.

The dogs are being a handful, lately, too. I don't know what they're deal is, but they're making me nuts. They're stressing me out, too, probably because I'm already stressed and they're just adding to the madness! But they're on "the list" this week!

The last "streser" this week, I'm not going to get into here. Sorry, this one I keep to myself, but it's a big one for me. It's not the end of the world. It won't make or break me/us, but sometimes it just feels all-consuming and with everything else I'm dealing with right now, it really seems to be a heavy burden, right now. I think it's my fault and I think Chad thinks it's my fault. He's never said that, but he hasn't said it's not either. That seems to make it even more heavy. It's not going away any time soon. I can't just fix it and be done with it. But, I'm ok and we're ok and it will all work out in the end, it's just one more thing that's added to my stressful week.

I'm hoping next week, will be better....


Marie said...

Oh Cindy. I am sorry you are having such a rough time right now. Don't you love how life likes to throw it to you all at once, instead of in drips and drabs? I hope that everything works out for the best. I miss talking out all my problems with you! :)

The Douglass' said...

I'm sorry that you're having a hard week. I'm sure that the weather here is helping the situation anyway. I hope that everything gets figured out with your children's school situation. I didn't even know that they had two elem schools in Topsham, I only knew of Woodside. Take care!

Maine Mom said...

Congratulations on your 600th post. That IS cool! Sorry it happened during such a stressful week. I hope everything goes well with Chad's surgery and everything else works out for the best. Thinking of you!

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