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***President Thomas S. Monson (Ensign May 1994)

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

My Purse.....

Holly had a post about her purse on her blog, which she got the idea from Ohmommy's blog. I love this idea and it made me think. Ohmommy was talking about purses and diapers bags and if we use our purses as diaper bags. Which raises the question, what exactly do we have in there. So, question #1, I don't think I ever used my purse as a diaper bag. I was always one to carry a separate bag for the baby/kids. And, I haven't needed to do that for a long time, which I'm grateful for. Question #2, what's in my purse, that's a good question. I had no idea for sure, but actually it wasn't too bad!Here's the purse I have right now. My hubby tells me I change it waaaay too often!

These are in the front pocket! The 3 things I think I'd die without, lotion, eye drops and medicated Chapstick (I probably have about 5 of these spread throughout my house)!

My Wallet, my checkbook, which I hardly ever, ever use anymore, and my "black book". That's how my kids refer to it. It has all the insurance cards, kid's library cards, business cards, pictures, etc. Notice how none of it matches each other or the purse they're in!My keys, which aren't usually in my purse when I'm at home, and 3 pens, 2 of which are from Navy Federal Credit Union. I'm sure they were given to me when I was there......It's not like I'd just walk off with them or something......2 more things I think I would die without! My phone and my palm pilot, it's nothing fancy, but it has every bit of info I could every want to have with me and more!

This is all the little things floating around the bottom of my purse, a bottle of generic Excedrin, Motrin(which I don't use, Chad does, so why is it in my purse???), anti-bacterial gel, a contact case (which incidentally has never actually had my contacts in it, but it was so cute!), 2 tinted lip balms, 1 Blistex (which isn't even open), 2 barrettes, nail clippers, and consecrated oil.
That's it, not very exciting, huh! I wonder what that says about me? So, how about you? What do you carry around with you all the time?


Katy said...

That was sooo cool! Thanks for sharing all that Cindy! I am a chapstick fan as well! hehe! None of my stuff matches either (like my wallet etc)

Maine Mom said...

Fun post! I carry my keys, my license, my bank card, and my cell phone in my coat pocket. I cannot get into carrying a purse around, so I just shove everything into my pockets when I don't have a diaper bag to carry around!

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