"So Frequently we mistakenly believe that our children need more things, when in reality their silent pleadings are simply for more of our time."
***President Thomas S. Monson (Ensign May 1994)

Thursday, March 20, 2008

A Whole Lotta Complainin' Going On......

That's right and I'm the one complaining! I'm sorry, but I just have to get it out!
Complaint #1:
Chad's chief told him last week that he was going to a school in Norfolk for a week! Now I could complain about this for a list of reasons, but I'll choose just a few......
First, I think it's ridiculous that they didn't tell him sooner and they didn't ask him. The chief has known for weeks about this, but waited until 10 days before to tell Chad that he had to go! It's not a school that has a lot to do with Chad's responsibilites here, either, so why does he have to go?
Second, We are on shore duty. I know that means nothing to most people, but I just spend the last 4 years doing sea duty, which means that Chad was around maybe 1/3 of the time. We chose to come to shore duty, basically took a pay cut to do it, so that we wouldn't have to be apart for the next 3 short years! I know he's only going to be gone for a week, but I don't care. It's still time apart. I earned shore duty! I should be able to get what I earned! Plus this is only the first of 3 schools they are sending him to. The next 2 will be in Jacksonville, FL for a week, each. Those are the ones we know about.
Third, He's going to Norfolk and he's going to see MY friends while he's there! MY FRIENDS! The ones that I would just kill to go and see, but no, I'm going to stay at home, take care of his 4 children, his house, his 2 cars, his chores, etc, etc, etc. Can you tell I'm irritated about this trip, well, I am!
Fourth, the chiefs gave Chad the attitude that if the advance expenses didn't come in time, that he should be more than willing to pay out of his pocket and then get reimbursed for it. I DON' T THINK SO! Unfortunately, I don't have $1400 to pay for a stupid trip, that I don't think Chad should have to take, that I don't want him to take and then wait for the navy to reimburse us!!!!! This trip is for the navy, he didn't choose to go, they're making him go. He should never be expected to pay a dime of it, wheather the advance money comes in time or not! Stupid people!
Complaint #2
The radio/CD player died in my van! There's some factory amp or something that no one can seem to find, so putting in a new stereo just isn't working. I don't know all the details about why, but what I do know is that, I have no radio! I have to drive Noah to speech, in Portland, 45 minutes over, 45 minutes back, 3 times a week and I have nothing to listen to, except Noah, rambling on about EVERYTHING. It's driving me crazy. Does Chad go without a radio in his blazer, no he does not! (It bugs me a lot that there isn't a clock now, either)
Complaint #3
Am I the only one, serisously, out of six people who cares what our house looks like and is willing to do anything about it! (That's always a complaint, but I was on a roll, so I thought I'd throw that one in)
Complaint #4
Maine drivers stink! Really, they do. (Remember, I'm on the interstate at least 6 hours a week!) There might be those few exceptions out there, but for the most part, they are lousy! They cut you off, they can't merge worth anything, they never let you in to traffic and I swear some of them don't know what the signs mean, or maybe they just don't care! It's as if they might die if some one gets in front of them. AND they speed worse than anywhere I've seen. I'm usually going 70 on the interstate (5 miles over the limit) and people blow past me like I'm standing still. Not just one or two people, but 20+. Seriously, they're in Maine where do they really need to get to in such a hurry. I have kids in the car, you know!
Complaint #5
This may be the one that "broke the camel's back". My clothes dryer died! It just died, no warning, nothing. It just stopped working. We had housing check the outlet, just to make sure that wasn't the problem. It wasn't, of course! Chad said he'd check the switch and see if that's what's wrong, but realistically, he's not going to get to it before he leaves. I know Chad, he won't. Which means I'll have to take my clothes to the laundry mat to dry them (like I didn't have enough to manage for the week that he's gone!). And, if it's not the switch or something simple, then we'll have to buy a new dryer, along with the new radio for the van, with money, we don't have.
I have more complaints, but I'll stop there before I end up in a pit of misery I can't get out of!


Katy said...

I am so sorry you are going through such a frustrating time right now. Just keep saying the Serenity prayer and I pray God gives you a peace about everything!!! xoxo

Maine Mom said...

Tell us how you REALLY feel. :-) Seriously, I'm sorry you're going through a rough time. I'd be complaining about all of those things too. When it rains, it pours! I had to chuckle when you mentioned being the only one who cares about what the house looks like because I have the same thought frequently!
I hope you are able to get the radio and dryer fixed soon. Having to go to the laundry mat would definitely put me over the edge!
I'm sorry Chad has to be gone for 3 weeks that you know of when he is on shore duty. You are right, you have definitely earned the time Chad now gets to spend at home. Why spend the money to send him to a training he doesn't need???
I'm thinking of you. :-)

Life ticks on said...

Okay first let me clarify a few things for you...

Complaint #1 means just because your on shore duty does not mean your not deployable anymore. E7 and above are to take ONE year of a 3 yr shore duty to take an IA. Yeah FUN! not. Its shore duty. We are hoping we miss this ... we did the first year when they said he was going all the way up until 3 wks before he was supposed to leave for basically 14 mos.

#5 complaint: is it a new dryer? as in last 10 yrs or so?? If so it may be the fuse that is now inside them. They are right under the top panel I believe. It will make them stop working too. They cost a few bucks to replace. Sometimes is your electrician that you called out for checking the outlets (wink wink) is really really nice he might be able to show you where to find the fuse in the dryer and tell you who might sell them too...

One of your other complaints... I am a bad momma they have been on spring break and I havent so you know what... I let their dad and them take care of the messes I am on strike. HAHA

Mom2My6Kids said...

I always hate it when my husband goes away for to schools. I don't know how you did it for several months. I agree that you shouldn't have to have him away from you for a long while. Hang in there.

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