"So Frequently we mistakenly believe that our children need more things, when in reality their silent pleadings are simply for more of our time."
***President Thomas S. Monson (Ensign May 1994)

Friday, February 29, 2008

At Least It's Over.......

Yesterday was a crazy day. I had to drag, I mean drag myself out of bed. It felt like I was getting a cold. I went through the usual morning routine; pick up Myshel, make lunches, rush the kids to get ready, get McKaylie off to the bus, drive Noah to school.....all the while thinking, I am such a mess, I look like I just rolled out of bed (which I kind of had), at least after I drop Noah off I can come home and shower and look and feel better...................yeeaaahh, that didn't happen!

When I got to Noah's school, they asked me if I was going to stay for the "Read With Me". They were having a make up day because the last date was cancelled because of snow. Read With Me is a great program, where we, the parents, learn about a kid's book, then we go in the classroom with our kids and the teacher reads the book to us. Then they have a craft that relates to the book. After that, the parents go back and discuss how we think the kids liked the book and then we're all given a copy of the book for free! It usually takes about an hour. I thought, "I probably look pretty scary, but I'll stay. It will only take an hour and we'll get our free book. Besides Noah will like that I was there when they read the book." So, I stayed. They finished the Read With Me and then announced that they were having some people come in and talk about the adult education programs in the area. Which is all great and dandy, except I'm really wanting to get out of there. 30 minutes later I was walking out and one of the teachers stopped me to "discuss" a few things. Fine, they weren't all that important, but whatever. 15 more minutes and I'm finally in my car.......

While I'm driving home, I remember that we forgot some of our food in the frig. at the church from the won ton making the night before. The family history center should be open so I figured I'm just slip in and get the food and I wouldn't have to see or be seen by anyone. Then I wouldn't have to make another trip later. I get to the church and there's a few cars there......ok, well, I might not know any of them.....they'll think I'm scary and sad and I'll be on my way. yeah, that didn't happen either. Our relief society presidency was having a meeting AND there were others there decorating for the sweetheart dance they're having tonight. Dang! I forgot all about that! I peeked in the gym, hoping that there was a lot of people helping and I wouldn't be missed. There was only 2 people besides the activities chairperson. Dang! I stayed and helped until it was time to go pick up Noah. All the time I was thinking, "of all the days that you didn't get up and shower and make yourself look half decent, you had to pick today!!!!!

I picked up Noah, ran home and was there exactly 35 minutes before we had to leave to go to speech therapy in Portland (about a 45 minute drive) That's not enough time to shower! I fixed myself up the best I could, grabbed something very quick to eat and we were off again. Speech went great. On Thursday I don't get home until about an hour and a half after Myshel and Vance get home from school. So, I called to check on them. This is how the conversation went.

Vance: Hello
Me: Hey bud, how is everything?
Vance: Good
Me: Myshel's home right?
Vance: Yeah, I think so.
Me: You think? You don't know?
Vance: Yeah, she's here.
Me: Let me talk to her.
I hear Vance yelling at her through the phone....."Myshel......Myshel.....Mom wants to talk to you", Myshel...... I can hear him walking through the house while he's yelling for her.
Vance: "She's not here"---just matter a fact--it's no big deal--whatever
Me, a little panicked: "What do you mean she's not there?"
Vance: "I don't know. She isn't here"
Me: "Seriously, she isn't there?"
Vance: "Moooommm, she isn't here"
Me: "Ok, I'm on my way home, bye"

Then I immediately called Chad told him about the conversation, that I was in Portland and he needed to find his daughter and then call me back. He left work early and came home.

About 20 long minutes later Chad called me back. She was at the school and would be home soon. She stayed after chatting with her friends and then decided to talk to her Algebra teacher about an assignment. I got home around 4:30. This is how the conversation went.

Myshel: Mom, I told you I might have to stay after school
Me: No, you said that if you decided to stay after school, you'd call me. You didn't call. I can't just assume that you're ok when you don't show up.
Myshel: I don't think that's what I said.
Me: You know the rules, you have to call and let us know, especially on speech days.
Myshel: Well, maybe if you'd get me a cell phone, it would be easier to call you.
Me: Nice try!

We also talked to Vance about how he should actually check to see if any one's home BEFORE he turns on the TV.

It was about 5 o'clock when all this was finished and I finally went and took my shower!


Holly said...

I'm exhausted just reading this. And I'm with you, I hate those days when you never get your shower. I'm never at my best when I feel grungy.

Mom2My6Kids said...

What a day! I'm glad that you finally got your shower. Did you go to bed early? I think you earned that.

Maine Mom said...

That is quite a day! It shows how sweet you are for helping out when you'd rather be home taking a shower and getting things done that you need to.

Fun cooking meme! I'll play along soon!

Life ticks on said...

Wow, I hate those days.

As for the cell phone... that is exactly why we finally bowed and got my oldest one a phone. She is grounded from it right now so when she is home it has to sit on the bar and WE have to answer it but when she leaves for school she is allowed to take it. Just because we are so active and especially as in 14 days we start soccer haha. So we will have soccer for 3of the 4 and bowling for 3 of the 4 plus church activities. Yeah I know I am insane. Too much going on haha.

Life ticks on said...

oh yeah and it actually only costs us 10$ a month for her phone. we got the phone for free too. From ATT. just a thought. We wound up getting my mom on our plan too because she is having some stuff going on and she needs it just in case.

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