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***President Thomas S. Monson (Ensign May 1994)

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Happy Birthday to Nutmeg!

Today is Nutmeg's birthday!
I know it's kind of silly that I'm posting about Nutmeg's birthday, but McKaylie made me promise that I would. She said Nutmeg would be sad if I didn't. (she makes me laugh) So, here I am saying happy birthday to my dog. She is a member of our family, though. She wormed her way right into our hearts the moment we held her. Last December, Chad and I just happen to find a little pet store that had very few animals, mostly animal supplies. It was small and rather dirty and the smell of cigarette smoke made my eyes water. We were getting ready to leave when something in the back of the store caught Chad's eye. They had a litter of puppies, about 9 of them, all girls. We held one and they were so cute, but we left. A few days later, I admitted to Chad that I couldn't stop thinking about the puppies in that dirty place. He said, "yeah, me too." We decided that we'd go back and see if there were any left and just see how we felt, think about it for another day and if we still wanted one, we'd go back the next day and get one. That was the plan.
On the way there, Chad told me that the dog would be my Christmas present, if we got one.
We went and looked at the puppies and I held a couple of them, but didn't really want any. They were cute, but didn't grab my heart. I could have walked away. But then Chad said, "Cindy, here, hold this one".
That was it. I was done. I don't know what it was about her, but she had me. I told Chad that I couldn't leave her there that night; I wanted to take her home right then. He smiled and said, "Merry Christmas".
And she turned out to be the best Christmas present, ever!
She is a sheltie/basset hound mix, which is just kind of crazy.
When we brought her home, she weighed about 3 pounds and was just the cutest little thing ever. We got her the smallest tag we could find and it still looked huge on her. We also put a bell on her so we could tell where she was, because she had a way of sneaking up under your feet and you wouldn't know she was there and step on her.
She weighs about 18 pounds now and I don't think she'll get much bigger.
She used to sleep on the computer desk while I would blog. Now she sleeps at my feet while I blog.

We joke around about how we saved her from the pet store by bringing her home that day. Really, I think, that we were suppose to find her that day. She was in a little store that we never had gone in before even though we'd seen it a hundred times. That day we decided on a whim to go in and that's when we found her. She was ment to be with us.

She's so spoiled and she knows it, but we love her all the more!
Happy Birthday Nutmeg!


Katy said...

She is sooooooooooo cute!!! I have a baby of my own! Ruthie is a sheltie/terrier mix and her and i are attached as you and Nutmeg seem to be :) i think it is sweet you posted about her birthday!!! She is a beautiful dog! :)

Laurie said...

She is very cute!!! My husband isn't an animal person at all and my children are all very scared of dogs but I grew up with dogs so I'm okay with them. Nutmeg is so sweet looking. You've made me want a little dog. The next time I get baby hungry I'm going to get a little dog like yours. Does she shed?

Cindy said...

She does shed, but really not that much. I thought she'd shed a lot more than she does.

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