"So Frequently we mistakenly believe that our children need more things, when in reality their silent pleadings are simply for more of our time."
***President Thomas S. Monson (Ensign May 1994)

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Thomas Point Beach . . . again

When we first moved to Maine (Winter Harbor), I was completely fascinated with the tides. I'd never seen such huge differences between high and low tide. It was just awesome to me that at low tide the water would go out so far. Every where we'd been there wasn't such a drastic difference between the two.

Last week we took the kids out to Thomas Point Beach in Brunswick. We knew it was low tide and decided to just wait for the tide to come back in. I took some pics while we were there, because like I said, it just fascinates me for some reason.

This when we first got there. It's not right at the lowest tide, but you can barely see the waterline way off in the distance. All the clam diggers are out doing their job. They stayed until the very last minute, too, most had to wade through the water to get back to shore.
(If you click on these pictures, you'll be able to see them so much better!)
Here's Vance checking things out with Myshel and McKaylie. I wouldn't go out there, because the mud just sucks your feet into it--besides the fact that it stinks. There's a bit of a "river" that ran right by where they were.
The water's starting to come back in. You can see the "river" more now. It's starting to spread out more and get much deeper. There's a clammer on the far left of the picture. He was on somewhat of an island and was able to stay there for a lot longer than the other guys.

This was about an hour after we got there. The water came in faster than we thought it would.
About 1/2 hour later the kids were out in it with Chad. It only looks deep. The kids were actually laying on their stomachs in these pictures. It was never more than a foot or so deep where they were.
While we waited for the tide to come in, we played in the sand, I read, the kids explored a lot. Thomas Point is a breeding ground for Horseshoe Crabs and they found lots of shells. This is only some of the ones they found. It was fun even though they didn't get to swim very long . . . except for the bugs, which ate me something terrible. My arms and legs were covered with some kind of bug bite and I itched like never before, for days. I think it must have been something I was a little allergic to because it was terrible and no one else had a problem with it at all.


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