"So Frequently we mistakenly believe that our children need more things, when in reality their silent pleadings are simply for more of our time."
***President Thomas S. Monson (Ensign May 1994)

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Kid Update . . .

Myshel went to camp as a youth leader and had a great time . . . even though she'd never admit it!

Vance took a summer math course and passed with a 90%, which means he can skip Algebra I next year and take Geometry.

Noah is in a summer club at school and doing really great with his speech. I'm just proud of him for being so willing to go.

McKaylie is reading like crazy lately and busy with lots of birthday parties.

Flying Frogs

Vance, McKaylie and Noah were playing outside the other morning. I knew they had their frogs and tadpoles and didn't think much of it. When they came in Noah told me they were throwing the frogs up on the roof and watching them jump off. I thought I'd misunderstood him, but no, they really were doing that.

I told them that wasn't nice and they assured me that all the frogs hopped away . . . except the one that stayed on the roof.

So, now I probably have a dead frog on the roof . . . nice!

I think the discussion about being kind to the Lord's creatures is in order!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Portland Head Light

Chad and I took the Madson's to the Portland Lighthouse on Saturday before taking them to the airport. It was really pretty to see first thing in the morning. Keeley asked me to take a picture of her by the bell.Debbie, this is the picture that you wanted. I wish it wasn't date stamped, but Brent will be able to take that off. You can click on it and get the bigger version of it. This is the lighthouse from the trail we went on.We had tons of fun with Madson's and miss them a lot! We wish we could have seen Brent, too, though! We missed you Brent!


Thomas Point Beach

Friday ended up being the perfect day to go to the beach. It was hot and sunny all day.We went to Thomas Point Beach. It's not directly on the ocean. It was really pretty there. This is Myshel and Vance. I love this picture of all the kids (except Noah). Keeley is such a cutie! Myshel's cute, too. We brought a picnic lunch to eat, too. The water wasn't very deep at all and was surprisingly pretty warm. The kids had a great time and they were lots of fun to watch.


Maine Wildlife Park

We also went to the Maine Wildlife Park in Gray. It turned out being a really great day for it, too. The weather finally started clearing up for us on Thursday. They had some really cool animals to see and there were some that we could even feed. We were hoping to get a closer look at the moose, but they weren't cooperating. But we did see bears and we threw dog food down for them. When we fed the bears, chipmunks starting showing up. They were so cute. They'd fill their little cheeks so full of the dog food. If you look close at the picture or click on it, you can see his chubby little cheeks full of the food. Too cute! There was lots of deer, but my favorites were the baby deer. They'd been found and brought in to rehab. They had 7 babies there. The fish hatchery was lots of fun, because we could through fish food pellets into this tank and the fish would just go wild jumping around to get it. We all thought that was pretty cool to watch. I believe these fish were brook trout. The geese just wandered around through the park. These are a mama and and daddy with their babies. You can see where they're losing their grey down feathers on their necks. There was a gray fox and a red fox. The red one wouldn't hold still long enough for us to get a decent picture, though. The woodchuck was super cute, but this is all he did. The turtle pond was fun too, even though we see them all the time. These were easily my favorite animals there, the baby moose. We were only able to see them for a minute, though. The workers came out with a bottle and they ran inside to eat. I wish we could have gotten a better picture. They were also found and brought to the park to rehab. They were adorable, really! We saw tons, tons more, but this is already getting too long. McKaylie told me this it was her favorite thing we did--that's not surprising coming from her, though. It really was a very fun day. Here's the cutest little animals we so that day! (Debbie and I even had a little adventure trying to find our way home............)


Maine State Museum

It was pouring rain on Wednesday, so we decided to go to the Maine State Museum in Augusta. It was pretty cool. They had a lot of interesting stuff there about Maine and it's history. Chad, Vance and I kept taking longer to look at things, so Debbie and Myshel were waiting for us, a lot---(sorry!) This exhibit was pretty neat. These 2 moose were found this way. They were fighting and their antlers locked and they never could get them free, so they died that way! Kind of wild, huh! Myshel was all tuckered out toward the end----I think it was more that her teenager attitude was all tuckered out, though!



We couldn't have family come to Maine and not have lobster! Hyrum was awesome! He took care of his own lobster----from putting it in the pot to getting the meat out! He even tried some of it----wasn't his favorite, though. In fact, Debbie and Keeley tried some too. Cody decided he wanted to try it after it was all gone. Myshel even ate some lobster and decided it was pretty good. Uh-oh, before we know it, we'll have an entire family of lobster eaters! Just a little side note, we paid $3.85/pound for our lobsters----actually less than that, because we know an awesome lobster man!!!!! Oh, it was reallllllllllllllllllllllly gooooooooood, too!! (We thought of you dad!)


Debbie's Birthday

We were excited that we got to celebrate Debbie's birthday with her. We haven't been able to do that for 10 years, which is the last time she was at our house. It was fun decorating her cake. It didn't turn out quite as good as I had hoped, but I has fighting a headache that day, too. That's a poor excuse, but I'm stickin' to it!


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