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***President Thomas S. Monson (Ensign May 1994)

Friday, March 7, 2008

A Dash of Vanilla.....

She's cute isn't she. She's a handful! But I think most puppies are handfuls! She loves to run and chase Nutmeg and I think most of the time Nutmeg loves it, too. She also loves to chew. Nutmeg never was much of a chewer. Luckily, though, Vanilla loves her bones and other chew toys we got for her. So far she hasn't chewed up anything she shouldn't have.
It's been fun getting to know Vanilla. She has a very sweet personality and she's lots of fun. When she sleeps, you can always tell when she's really out, because she'll roll onto her back and sleep. It's just funny to see her!

When we leave the house we put our dogs in their crates (kennel, cage, whatever) unless we're going to be gone for a really long time. I don't trust them to run my house when I'm not there. They do really well with it. Of course they're very excited when we come home and let them out. Vanilla will kind of whine and moan like she's trying to tell us how happy she is we're back. The only time she makes that kind of a noise is when we come home. Sometimes when you put her in the crate or walk up the stairs, she'll do this little howl kind of thing. It's like don't leave.... It's very cute. It's like she's talking to us.

When we first brought Vanilla home, Nutmeg would tolerate her, now she seems to enjoy having her around. She'll even let her sleep next to her, which is so cute. Vanilla wanted nothing more than for Nutmeg to be her "mother" figure. You could tell she just wanted to snuggle up with Nutmeg so bad and she wasn't allowed to. So that makes it extra sweet that Nutmeg enjoys having her close and Vanilla has her motherly figure. They're very cute together.
It's fun to watch them play, too. They'll steal each others toys away and run, trying to get the other one to chase them. One day when I watched them, Nutmeg started with a rope, Vanilla took it, so Nutmeg picked up a ball, Vanilla dropped the rope and went after the ball, then Nutmeg dropped the ball and took the rope. They went around and around like that until they both got tired and fell asleep. It was hilarious.
Vanilla stays right with me the whole time that the kids are at school. In the picture she's asleep under the computer desk. My feet are usually right there next to her. That's where she'll sleep with her head resting on the shelf. The only time she isn't right by my feet is when she's outside, or I go upstairs. That's only because she hasn't figured out the stairs yet. She's fallen off the first step a few times and won't even try it anymore. I don't blame her, it's a hard fall.
(Not for the week stomach....)Vanilla has started a bad habit.......she eats the dog poop in the yard. The kids clean it up every day, but there always seems to be some out there and she seems to be "called" to it. It's gross and I can't even bear to watch her do it. The kids started calling her poop-eater. We talked to the vet this week about it and they have some stuff that you can put on their food that apparently will make the poop taste bad. Now, I'm wondering who figured out that this stuff makes the poop taste bad, you know?!? The vet also asked us if she eats the poop from both dogs or just Nutmeg's or hers. WHAT? Like we label who's "pile" is who's. We said we didn't know and that we'd just treat both dogs to be sure. Ick!!!! We started them on the treatment last night and it's suppose to start working within 2-3 days and be 100% effective with puppies. I hope so, the thought of having a poop-eater is not appealing.

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Mom2My6Kids said...

I just think Vanilla is the cutest puppy ever. She makes me seriously want a puppy!

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