"So Frequently we mistakenly believe that our children need more things, when in reality their silent pleadings are simply for more of our time."
***President Thomas S. Monson (Ensign May 1994)

Thursday, January 17, 2008

A Fun Few Weeks........NOT!

About 2 weeks ago, over the weekend, of course. I had a touch of the flu. It wasn't terrible, but when is the flu every good? McKaylie stayed home from school that Monday with the same thing, and Vance on Thursday.

During all this, we've had a little eye-opening experience (that I'm not going to get into details about) that pretty much knocked us for a loop, that is Chad and I and the one child that it involved. This little eye-opener made us question many things over the last few years and wonder how good of parents we really are. We've had to re-evaluate things, priorities, I suppose, and I guess that's a good thing. It's made us do some serious soul-searching and it's made the importance of other things much more clear. It's also caused us hurt, pain, and the loss of trust and respect, the things that take time to build up again. On the other hand, we've learned to love a little more and a little deeper. It hasn't been a fun experience, but as I said, it has definitely helped to "open our eyes". We're all good and there's nothing to worry about. But, I'm sure your minds are buzzing, and I guess they'll just have to keep on buzzing.

As if that wasn't enough to deal with. Last Friday I started getting a migraine. Which continued through the weekend and wouldn't respond to medication. Chad told me to go to the ER, but I couldn't bear the thought of driving there or sitting in the waiting room for hours, so I didn't go. The worst part of my migraines usually only lasts a day or so and then just lingers annoyingly for a few days more, so I kept telling myself that the worst of it would be over "today" and it would be better "tomorrow". Well, by Monday I'd had enough, unfortunately, the kids had a snow day and were home from school and Chad had duty. It was a seriously miserable day. Tuesday came and the migraine stayed.... I managed to get the kids off to school, except Noah, who stayed home and watched cartoons on my bed with me. I think he talked to me a lot, but I honestly don't know for sure. By Tuesday afternoon, the medicine finally started to help. Chad told me that night that he was glad I was starting to feel better and that he missed me......translation-I was miserable to be around and so everyone avoided me as much as possible. Yesterday was the first day that I had been up and around since last Friday. I hate that! Chad and the kids managed to keep up with the dishes and picked up the floors, but were so kind as to save ALL the laundry piled up for me in front of the washing machine! I hate that, too! I'm not 100 percent, but I am 100 times better, so maybe I'll slowly be able to get back into "life" again.


Life ticks on said...

First I LOVE the new look! Its fantabulous!

Second I totally understand about the migraines. I get them myself and actually I would have been thrilled if they kept up with everything but the laundry, only becuase their (I use the term collectively becuase they seem to have inherited their dad's knack for laundry) idea of laundry is to throw in EVERYTHING together no matter what it is... which drives me INSANE and I just re wash everything I can anyways haha.

As for the eye opening thing I dont know the situation your in (of course) but I do know some things like that in my life. So best of wishes on your growth through the experience.

Life ticks on said...
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Katy said...

oh gosh..i am sorry the past couple weeks have gone so awry for you!!! I have missed your posts! Your blog looks really great though :)

Oh gosh..migraines are the WORST! i have had them...although, not recently...thank goodness! I am so sorry you had one for so long! Maybe you ought to talk to a dr about that....?? Just to check and see. I have never heard of a migraine lasting so long!!!

I hope the rest of your week and weekend go MUCH better and you can enjoy it!!! xoxo

Mom2My6Kids said...

Cindy, I'm sad to hear that you were sick in bed and not outside enjoying the snow! It's bad when the mom gets sick. When I get headaches, I'm always so glad that I live in a time when there is medication. I would want to die without it! I don't know which is harder, being a kid or being the parent! I was talking to a lady the other day and we were talking about our kids growing up and I mentioned that I was worried about the choices my kids would make and how I would react to their choices. She said that she had to remind herself constantly that she did not expect her kids to be perfect. She expected them to make mistakes, lots of them, but she also expected them to learn from them. Having that attitude helped her deal with the problem and not the child. Did that make sense? It did when she told me about it. Anyways, your good parents! Hang in there! I'm going to be coming to you for advice when my kids screw up!

Maine Mom said...

I'm sorry to hear that you have had a rough few weeks. Being sick is never fun. I have had one migraine in my life and I wanted to die when it happened, so I can imagine how miserable you have been! I'm glad you're feeling better.

It sounds like one of your kids has tested their agency. I hope everything stays good with this issue and you are able to strengthen your relationship.

PJ said...

I like your new blog look!

I think the ages my children are about to come into will bring many challenges. I hope to sail through, and learn as we go. I like what you said about learning to love deeper.

So sorry to hear about your migraine, I have a friend that suffers with them. I know a simple headache makes the day a struggle, so a migraine can really change a person.
Glad you are feeling better.

marie said...

Hey,I hope everything is ok. Kids really can throw you for a loop huh? I just hope things turn out!

BTW: Nicole had her baby on the 7th.

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