"So Frequently we mistakenly believe that our children need more things, when in reality their silent pleadings are simply for more of our time."
***President Thomas S. Monson (Ensign May 1994)

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Snow and all that comes with it.....................

Here are some more pictures from Monday's snow storm. I thought I'd give you a little update on our week. I'm sure some people will think it quite funny that we were not as prepared as we should have been, especially since Chad and I grew up in Wyoming, where there's usually lots of snow and that we have lived in Maine before. We found that we were definitely not as prepared for the snow as we should have been.

On Sunday afternoon, the day before the storm, I realized that we don't have a snow shovel. Oooops, that would have been nice to think of that on Saturday. Chad ran to the base and borrowed one of theirs.

All the kids had new coats and boots, except Myshel. She had boots, but not a new coat. Her old one was, well, old and raggedy. We tried to find one last spring on clearance, but no luck. When they started putting out coats this year, she was just too darn picky about what she was going to wear, so we hadn't bought one yet. They all had gloves, but not heavy, waterproof ones and they all had hats. So we were somewhat prepared, right. Well, gloves that work in Virginia don't work here, not in the snow!.........................McKaylie broke the zipper in her pink coat and I couldn't fix it...............Myshel informs us that she's going to be sooo angry if McKaylie gets amother new coat before she gets one and we are just totaly unfair..............We run the store Monday night-it's still snowing and buy McKaylie a new coat, and Myshel a new coat, gloves for everyone and a shovel. (Myshel wasn't completely happy with her coat, but we told her it was either that or order it online and wait for it to get here. She wasn't happy, I didn't care! I picked up Myshel from seminary and realized that the town of Topsham plows every road in town, except ours apparently............stupid! Then I take Noah to school and they ask if he has his boots and snowpants with him. Uhhhhhh he had the boots..................Mckaylie pulls me aside after school and tells me that she had to play in only one are of the playground that hardly has any snow at all because she didn't have snowpants and if she doesn't bring some, then she'll never get to play in the snow with the other kids. It was as if I'd cut her legs off. The poor girls was dying inside...............Back the store Tuesday for snowpants (Noah actually had an old pair of Vance's to wear) and a hat for Myshel, apparently her old hat didn't match the new jacket and it looked tacky! Heaven forbid...................
Now, I just have to convince Noah that he has to wear the snowpants when they go outside to play at school...........he actually gave in pretty easily. Wednesday after he wore them and realized that they keep his pants dry he was even more ok with them.
Nutmeg loves the snow. She also likes to steal the kids gloves and run off with them.

Wednesday everything started to melt just a tiny bit in the sun (it's only about 20 degrees here) and I realized that I would be making another trip to the storm to buy salt for my sidewalk. Vance has kept it shoveled really well, but there's still spots that are really really slick!

Last night I was waiting for Chad to get home. It was around 10:30PM there was all this noise and couldn't think what it might be until he walked in with a big grin on his face...........note to Chad---our vehicles are NOT toys. We do NOT drive through the piles of snow with them!!!

The kids love the snow and have been out in it everyday this week. I actually had to tell Vance and McKaylie to come inside, it was too early to be outside playing. It was 6:30AM!!!! Vance asked me later if the snow was going to melt that day and I realized why he wanted to be out there so early. He's used to snow in Virginia (not that that happens very often) It doesn't stick around. It usually melts right away. I assured him it wasn't going to melt and that he'd have plenty of time to play in it. He hasn't been out there that early in the morning since! I forget that my kids just don't understand the bitter cold and snow and things like that. Even though Myshel and Vance might remember living in Maine before, all this "winter" stuff is still new territory for my kids. I guess they'll learn. It's suppose to snow again Friday night.....and Sunday......and Monday!


Holly said...

Man, I don't envy you! One of the reasons I like our area of Idaho is that the snow DOESN'T stay around, mainly because I hate driving in it! Will it snow all winter there or does it come and go?

The kids look like they're having fun.

Laurie said...

We still do not have snow here. Little skiffs but it looks more like frost. If it seriously snowed here, I would not be prepared either. We have no boots, or hats, or shovel, or sled or a cute little dog to play with. I'm going to buy a shovel and a sled today in the hopes that it snows really hard this weekend! Looks like lots of fun! Stay warm and stock up on the hot chocolate!

Maine Mom said...

I have to admit I'm loving this snow in December. We really haven't had this much snow in December for a really long time...it usually decides to snow the day after Christmas and then we get the rest of our snow towards spring. I love the snow on the trees and the feel of Christmas around here.

The schools are definitely serious about the snow playing around here. We have the same rule of no snow pants, no playing in the snow. I still need to get my kids warmer gloves. Zoe and Emily bring 3 pairs of knitted mittens to school, so they can start out with a dry pair at every recess. They tell me that recess is much for fun with the snow around to play in. They have mounds of snow that they slide on and Zoe was telling me the other day that a kid in her class slid into a wall and had to go get an x-ray of his leg. Great!

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