"So Frequently we mistakenly believe that our children need more things, when in reality their silent pleadings are simply for more of our time."
***President Thomas S. Monson (Ensign May 1994)

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Just a Little Whine.......................

Last Wednesday, the kids came and got me and told me there was no water. I didn't think much of it because the water pressure in the house is terrible. I just assumed that the washing machine or something was running and they just weren't getting much through the faucet. (Are you getting a little glimpse into my life at our "summer house"???? just wait.....................) I went and checked around the house to see what was running and nothing was. So, I thought I'd better see what exactly my kids meant when they said "no water". And, to my completely frustration, there was NO WATER, none. I knew that Chad had taken the landlord's phone number with him to work the day before and guessed correctly that he still had it. That's ok, though, right, I just need to call Chad, yeah, that didn't work either, there was no answer! We had errands to run, so we headed to town and took care of them. We met Chad for lunch and he called the landlord about the "no water" situation. We ended up being in town until after the kids youth activities that night. When we got home, we had water, Yeah! We never did find out what happened.

So, no big deal, we were without water for one day and we weren't even home most of that day. On Saturday, we spent the day cleaning the house and working on some things that needed to get done. After dinner that night I was thinking about taking a shower when Chad came and told me to forget it. I thought the water wasn't working again, but it was just the hot water that wasn't working. Our water comes from a well out here and it's freezing cold all the time. We couldn't expect the kids to take their baths in the freezing water, especially when we couldn't bring ourselves to shower in it. We also couldn't bring ourselves to go to church on Sunday after spending Saturday working/cleaning with no shower, yuck! We also couldn't get ahold of our landlord. We'd have to wait until Monday for hot water..............................I am not a happy camper!

Chad went to work Monday morning, went to PT, and then came home after telling them that he had to get the water situation taken care of before his wife disowned him. He talked to the landlord and we got our usual answer, "we'll send some one out there". They actually did get someone to come out quickly and the first thing that he asked was, are you out of fuel? Our answer, "we don't know" and we didn't. Our utilities are included in our rent, it's not our responsibility to keep fuel in the tank! Besides, Chad had checked all the equipment and "stuff" in the utility room (if you can call it that) and just couldn't tell. Of course, the fact that we really are city folk and we don't deal with fuel tanks being empty, probably didn't help. And of course that was the problem. He called "the fuel guy" and told us he'd be out sometime that day, but he didn't know when and we need to be there because he'd have to purge the system or something like that. So, we waited, all grubby and unshowered until 5 o'clock that night, 5 O'CLOCK! And then we spent the evening taking turns in the shower and tub! I have to say, that shower felt soooo good!

So, we have lived in this "summer home" for not even 2 months now and we've dealt with:

-rusty water coming through the pipes to our tub
-the propane running out and we couldn't use our stove/oven
-the water not working AT ALL
-the fuel running out and not having hot water

I might be a whiner, but I'm just not particularly thrilled about all that. We can't get into housing soon enough for me!

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Laurie said...

I am so sorry about your weekend. It seems like we take the basic things for granted until we don't have them and then we realize how dependant we are. Especially water and electricty or gas. It's even worse when you have children. I think you're more patient than I would be. Our water in the rental place we just moved out of froze over New Years weekend this last year. We were without water for 4 days. 2 of my kids also had the flu that week. Since it was a weekend and holiday, nobody would help us until Tuesday. I thought we would not survive. It has made me seriously rethink emergency preparedness and food storage.

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