"So Frequently we mistakenly believe that our children need more things, when in reality their silent pleadings are simply for more of our time."
***President Thomas S. Monson (Ensign May 1994)

Wednesday, September 6, 2006

First Day of School


McKaylie--1st grade (she's all smiles today)

Vance--6th grade (can't get him to smile to save his life)

Myshel--8th grade (notice the "I don't want to do this", teenager stance)

McKaylie in her classroom (she's thinking, "will you just leave already)

My insame day went something like this.........

First I'll say this: The first day of school each year is always amazing to me. It seems like my children grow overnight and they wake up the that first day of school and look so much taller and older. I don't know if it's the new clothes or the excited attitudes, or what exactly, but they always look bigger on that day.

I sent Myshel off to school at 6:55AM. She is very happy to be an 8th grader, the "seniors" of middle school; plus, she gets to wear a white shirt this year! (in her school, the uniform shirt changes with each grade, 6th is light yellow, 7th is light blue, 8th is white). One down.....

We left to take Vance to school at 7:30. I had to drive Vance to school yesterday because we weren't on the ball and got his bus schedule when we should have and I wouldn't go out and get it in the rain Friday. So, that was an adventure. They're doing major construction on his school and they also close down one of the streets for the buses. The other streets around the school are one way streets so we had to find the right street to get us where we wanted to be. I was not looking forward to picking him up at the end of the day. Second one down..........

I walked McKaylie to school at 8:40. We met her teacher and she seems very nice. She's young, tall and blonde and reminded McKaylie of her kindergarten teacher a little. I think she liked me taking her to her class, but was perfectly happy to see me go. Third one dowm

So Noah and I came home did a few chores around here, went to the post office, delt with a very rude postal lady, ran a couple of other errands and came home for lunch. It started raining around noon I think. It really rained hard for awhile and then continued on for the rest of the afternoon.

I left to pick up Vance around 2:20. I was hoping that Myshel would be home from school by then, but her bus was late, so I had to leave a note for her telling her where I was and that if I didn't get back by 3:10 to go and pick up McKaylie from school. Ok, I get to Vance's school. I had to park about 3 blocks away and it's still raining. The umbrella that's usually in the car isn't in there, so we, Noah and I, had to walk in the pouring rain, except Noah wouldn't walk, so I had to carry him. By the time I get to the school I'm completely soaked and Vance isn't where he's suppose to be. 20 minutes later we finally find each other (come to find out later that they wouldn't let him meet me there, even though they knew I was there!!!!! in the rain!!!!! stupid people) We get back to the car dripping wet, drive home and Myshel and McKaylie are already home. They all had a good day. They liked their teachers and classes.

We got changed out of our wet clothes and started sorting through all the papers that I had to fill out and sign. (by the way, )I was freezing for the rest of the day. I had on sweats and a sweatshirt until I went to bed) I made dinner, ran to a soccor meeting for McKaylie, came home, read scriptures, said prayers, read stories, brushed teeth, all that night-time stuff and put McKaylie and Noah to bed. Then I did basically nothing for rest of my night.

Today is looking much calmer.........................


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